The Ultimate Corrosion Protection for Modern Electronics

Favored Tech provides the #1 protection for electronics against liquids & corrosion that meets the most stringent environmental standards.  Favored Tech is rapidly replacing parylene and drip/spray conformal coatings.

Why Favored Tech?

Excellent protection against liquids and corrosion.

The top rated vendor for performance, service and support by many customers.

Flexible business models to coat at SMT, FATP, CM or Favored Tech facility.

Meets strict VOC and Halogen-free specifications.

Regional support throughout the globe.

Over 2 Billion Devices Protected

Favored Tech nano-coatings have protected over 2 billion electronic devices and components against the dangers of liquids and environmental pollutants. Favored Tech nano-coatings can more than triple the life of devices and components resulting in improved reliability and sales.

Exceeding Industries’ Most Advanced Water Protection Standards

Customers are demanding greater water protection as they rely on electronics 24/7. The smart device is not just for entertainment anymore. It is now your wallet, your ticket, your ride home and your emergency communication. It cannot fail due to exposure to the elements or an accidental drop. The expectation is that they survive beyond the 36 month carrier payment plan.   

OEMs are responding with greater water protection via Favored Tech
The addition of Favored Tech coating on the PCBA can often make a product pass IPX4, IPX7 and even IPX8 level testing. The coating can also make the product pass advanced salt water or environmental testing without any design change.  

Favored Tech coatings are far thinner than traditional conformal or parylene coatings
Favored Tech coatings can be as thin as 10nm or can range up to 10um to meet the customer’s technical requirements.  Only Favored Tech can provide this wide range of solutions.

Our Solutions

Smartphone & Tablets

Favored Tech enables smartphones, tablets and eReaders to meet IPX3, IPX4, IPX7 and IPX8 ratings as well as salt spray and 85/85 humidity testing. Component level coating is also available for common areas of failure like USB and FPC’s.


Carmakers have adopted smart phone technologies like 5G, WiFi, BT, GPS, ARM CPUs and sensors. Favored Tech has had success protecting all of these along with Lidar, TPM, battery, infotainment and engine controllers with modern designs.

Audio & Wearables

Wireless and wired headphones / earbuds along with a wide variety of hearing aids, smart watches, fitness trackers, location trackers, medical alert devices on the market have been protected by Favored Tech.

Other Electronics

Over 1,000 different types of products have been protected by Favored Tech. These include Drones, medical equipment, server boards, security cameras, keyboard membranes, USB connectors, cable electronics modules, e-toys and sub components.

Get Started with a Trial Coating

The Favored Tech team is ready and willing to support a trial coating of your product, component or PCBA. Please click on the link to begin the process.