Convergence Driving Automotive Electronics

Technological convergence is radically changing the automotive electronics industry. Smartphone features like ARM CPU, WiFi, BT, GPS, multi lens cameras, 9-axis motion sensors, ToF sensors, pressure sensors, MEMs, CSPs and FPCs are all prevalent in modern automobiles. Favored Tech has had years of experience protecting these components from corrosion in smart devices and wearables.

Favored Tech’s coating can help protect these devices either at the PCBA, Flex or component level to meet the automotive industries toughest specifications.

Automotive CPU and microcontroller boards are excellent applications for protection by Favored Tech.

Comms modules for WiFi, BT, NFC, 802.3bp & 802.3ch are excellent candidates for Favored Tech coating.

Sensors (pressure, temperature & motion) throughout the vehicle are often protected by Favored Tech.

Automotive Components Protected by Favored Tech

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