Technology Overview

Total Solution Provider

Electronic devices and components have been protected by Favored Tech to meet the industries toughest specifications in order to improve their reliability, lifetime and performance. Favored Tech is vertically integrated developing our own PECVD (Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) equipment, processes and materials to ensure the best solution and continuity of supply.

Advanced Materials and Formulations

Uniform nano-polymer coating

Excellent coverage and protection

Optimized Equipment and Process

Mass production experience

Simple process and easy operation

Superior Coating Penetration

Favored Tech’s creates the only coating that can penetrate tight gaps and even coat interior balls of BGA packages.   Modern design rules require three dimensional protection for advanced CSP, SiP, MEMS, MCM and SoC’s. Traditional dispense conformal coatings are powerless to protect these components.

Cross-section SEM of 600nm Favored Tech (FT) coated


Favored Tech customers have been able to increase the performance of their products by meeting both industry IPX ratings as well as market specific reliability requirements.

Mobile Phones

Common Failure Modes

Protection from Liquids




Swimming pool water

Temperature cycling

Human sweat





Get Started with a Trial Coating

The Favored Tech team is ready and willing to support a trial coating of your product, component or PCBA. Please click on the link to begin the process.