Other Electronics

Other Electronics Protected By Favored Tech

Every electronics product that requires protection from liquids and corrosion is a candidate for coating by Favored Tech. We have coated thousands of different types of products from simple sub-components to high end enterprise products.

Here are some areas that we have had experience coating:


Robotics Controllers and Chargers
Bar code readers
Two way radios
Public Safety LTE


Notebook computers
Datacenter server boards
802.3 Ethernet adapters
802.11 Wireless Access Points
Ethernet Switches

Internet of Things

IoT GPS trackers
LoRa nodes
Weather stations
Water level

Security Products

Security cameras
Connected door locks
Doorbell cameras
Motion detectors
Gate/door sensors
Lighting systems

Medical & Personal

Hearing aids
Medical devices
Surgical tools
Wearable sensors
Smart toothbrushes

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