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Favored Tech Nano-coating Protects More Than One Billion Devices

Cupertino, CA, January 5, 2020  ̶  Favored Tech has protected more than one billion electronic devices and components with its liquid-repellent nano-coating, the company announced today.

“Even in consumer electronics, one billion is a big number,” said James Zong, Favored Tech’s CEO. “We would like to acknowledge and thank all our customers who have trusted us to improve the reliability of their products.”

Favored Tech’s nano-coatings enable electronic devices to survive verything from poor weather conditions and accidental water exposure to sustained periods in harsh environments.

For example, the Favored Tech coating can help prevent water from entering a speaker mesh or prevent possible corrosion problems with the USB-C port on a smartphone. The coating can help smartphones pass strict carrier or industry IPX7/IPX8 reliability requirements. It can also enable wearable devices or TWS Bluetooth earbuds to continue working after accidental drops in the pool or laundry.

Favored Tech’s solution is unique in that manufacturers can use it to protect everything from a single sub-component or module all the way up to an entire electronic device. Customers often start by having Favored Tech coat a critical component or subassembly, and then, based on the positive results, opt to have the nano-coating applied on their entire device for complete protection.

“Protecting one billion devices is a significant milestone, but we are not stopping there,” said Zong. The company expects that its liquid-repellent nano-coatings will be used on many more smartphones, tablets, audio accessories and other electronic products sold in the near future, protecting either the complete device or a key component. “Consumer electronics are essential to a modern active lifestyle, making it important that they are resistant to sweat, weather and other hazards,” Zong added.

About Favored Tech

Favored Tech is the nano-coating market leader for consumer electronics. The company has protected more than two billion complete electronic devices or components, improving the devices’ reliability and performance. Favored Tech’s nano-coating is used to protect leading brands’ electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and TWS earbuds, from water, humidity, sweat and corrosion. More information is available at www.favoredtech.com.