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Favored Tech Introduces Revolutionary Protective Coating Solution for Flexible Screens

Ideal liquid protection for the latest generation of flexible screens

Cupertino, CA, Feb. 13, 2019  ̶  Favored Tech, a leading provider for the next generation of multi-functional Nano protection technology for an ever-growing world of electronic devices, today introduced its ground-breaking solution, Flexible Diamond Coating, which provides a protective coating for the latest generation of flexible screens, mobile device screens, 3D glasses, plastic covers, housing and wearable device screens. Favored Tech will be exhibiting this state-of-the-art solution at Mobile World Congress, Feb. 25 – 28, Barcelona Spain, Booth No. CS122, at the Congress Square Convention Center.

“Flexible display technology has finally come into its own by offering lightweight, flexible, brighter screen options that use less power,” said James Zong, Founder, CEO and President, Favored Tech. “By leveraging fullerene technology, our solution provides manufacturers with a coating that significantly increases the hardness of all types of screens including flex screens, making them substantially more durable and extending their use.”

Electronic displays that fold, roll and bend have arrived after years of development and with them, a number of challenges still exist including being prone to scratching and decreased durability. The screen remains the number one component that gets damaged on electronic devices and flex screens have already been shown to have even higher damage rates. Favored Tech’s patent-pending coating solution provides a seamless, hard coating that enhances shock resistance yet does not adversely impact the screen’s flexibility. Very importantly, the transparency and color of the glass remains unaffected. Finally, the new process can be used alone or in concert with other Favored Tech coating solutions to provide all the protection devices require.

The Company designs and manufactures all the equipment needed for mass production with a process that uses rapid coating cycles of just 30 minutes.  

About Favored Tech

Favored Tech is the nano-coating market leader for consumer electronics. The company has protected more than two billion complete electronic devices or components, improving the devices’ reliability and performance. Favored Tech’s nano-coating is used to protect leading brands’ electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and TWS earbuds, from water, humidity, sweat and corrosion. More information is available at www.favoredtech.com.