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Favored Tech Previews Groundbreaking Electronic Coating Tech at CES19

Patented Technology Makes Cell Phones Virtually Water Proof, Offers Comprehensive Protective Nano Coating for the Latest Electronic Devices

Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 7, 2019  ̶  Favored Tech, a leading provider for the next generation of multi-functional Nano Protection technology for an ever-growing world of electronic devices, today previewed its revolutionary coating technology at CES19. The solution is designed to provide top to bottom, inside out protection for electronic devices including consumer electronics,automotive, drones, surveillance cameras, Internet of Things, Industrial,computers/laptops and more. Favored Tech will be exhibiting at CES in Las Vegas, NV, at Booth No. 43774, Jan. 8 – 11, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

“CES is showcasing the most advanced electronic devices in the world and yet, electronic manufacturers are still facing the challenges to protect their products from various environmental factors in terms of effectiveness and cost,” said James Zong, Founder, CEO and President, Favored Tech. “Our coating solution offers a revolutionary approach to coat all functional parts of electronics devices such as charging ports, cameras, earpiece mesh, USB connectors, preassembled devices and the entire devices and at a significantly lower TCO.”

Favored Tech’s solution leverages patented plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition chemistry to provide a unique and simple coating solution like no other on the market today. It renders cell phones virtually water proof by organically combining chemical vapor deposition technology with low-temperature plasma technology. The solution is accomplished at just 40-deg C with no environmental impact or associated costs.

Benefits of this pioneering technology include:

  • Highly scalable and flexible. With the same coating machine, it can coat the device inside out, top to bottom, including the motherboard, USB, FPC/Board/Male plug, earpiece mesh, preassembled or entire device.
  • Tailored for different levels and types of protection from water, corrosion, sweat, mold, humidity, and more.
  • Covers all levels of coating protection including water protection from IPX2 – IPX8.
  • Programmable solution offers the highest performance and fastest turnaround on the market today. Rapid coating cycles of just 1-2 hours.
  • Solution has a negligible impact on conductivity, heat dissipation and signal transmission. No expensive masking or demasking required.
  • Negligible environment impact or associated cost.

The Company designs and manufactures all the equipment needed to coat electronic devices or electronic parts. Favored Tech’s patented technology is designed for mass production and the solution is inherently flexible with no need for expensive integration. It can be easily modeled to suit individual electronic company’s processes and manufacturing needs. Solutions range from seamlessly fitting into various manufacturing flows to fully standalone solutions. In addition, Favored Tech creates an offsite solution managed in the labs of Favored Tech. Currently, more than 5 million units globally are coated daily based on Favored Tech’s solution.

About Favored Tech

Favored Tech is the nano-coating market leader for consumer electronics. The company has protected more than two billion complete electronic devices or components, improving the devices’ reliability and performance. Favored Tech’s nano-coating is used to protect leading brands’ electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and TWS earbuds, from water, humidity, sweat and corrosion. More information is available at www.favoredtech.com.